Among many other things, this blog is about photography.

Specifically, iPhone photography. It is about the many interesting and happy “blooms” my life has taken since beginning this new hobby with iPhone Photography almost one year ago.

I have fallen in love with “the tap!”

After severely shattering my arm after a fall, I needed something I could do with limited movement, while bringing the beautiful world of the outdoors, inside to my lap.

Enter the iPhone camera!

Like everyone else in the world, I was very familiar with the iPhone camera… I thought!

I had mastered the selfie and the point and shoot, but I had no idea the power of this little iPhone camera.

I took a couple of online courses in iPhone photography, learned a ton about editing, learned more about photography apps, and the world of lens possibilities and I became quickly overwhelmed.

I decided to focus solely on the iPhone camera itself and just point and shoot.

A couple of very special people in my life took me around to some of my favorite places nearby, and the happiness began!

Applying a few simple editing techniques, I noticed my simple photos begin to POP!

I was sold.

My passion began!

I am truly looking forward to sharing my iPhone photography journey with others who have fallen in love with this fabulous little hobby!


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