The Story Behind the SnapShot: Sadie

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“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make her wag her tail!” ~ Kinky Friedman

It’s not often that you are blessed with the most amazing dog. I’m EXTRA lucky because I’ve been TWICE blessed.

My first dog, Kadie was amazing! She taught me so much about life, courage, strength, unconditional love, and resilience. I carry her lessons with me daily.

When I lost Kadie to an insidious nerve root sarcoma cancer, I truly thought it would kill me. The pain that I felt saying goodbye to her was unbearable.

To cope, I dove head first into my work, philanthropic endeavors, writing a book about our bond and taking classes that filled the time that would have been spent taking her on walks. My husband and I struggled to bear the loss that losing Kadie left in our lives, and in our hearts.

Six months later, I awoke one snowy day in December overwhelmed with the thought of spending Christmas without Kadie. I wrote to the family where we found Kadie. I asked, on the remote chance that after 14 years, if they had any of Kadie’s relatives still, and if so, would there be any puppies available. Their answer astounded me! Kadie’s niece had just had a litter one hour earlier! It was a remarkable coincidence!

Sadie came home with us 8 weeks later, and it has been a continuation of all of the remarkable lessons and joy that Kadie taught and brought to our lives!

Sadie gets even more animated when we giggle with her!

She has the happiest tail! It wags so hard that it beats like the sound of a drum.

Like Kadie, she is persistent and tenacious! A lesson we could all be reminded of every now and then!

Most importantly, Sadie is the perfect travel and adventure partner and scout of perfect places to snap her photos! A bonus? She is a perfect poser!

For me, my life experiences are greatly enhanced by the unconditional love of these two amazing Scotties.

A bonus? They have been truly fun to photograph!

Here are some of the hundreds of Sadie snapshots!

4 Replies to “The Story Behind the SnapShot: Sadie”

    1. Thank you, Sheena! I truly love my Scotties, as you know! Sadie is extremely challenging to capture in a photo, so she is “upping” my game as far as photography is concerned! I love the challenge! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post!


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