Holy Cow! Nighttime photography is tough!

Luckily, my friend, Jan Golden, of iPhone Savvy, gave me some great tips! Those tips are here!

Also, using the editing app, Snapseed, to edit the lightning and fireworks is very helpful!

One of the things I am finding in low light situations is that taking a video, then a screen grab within your video, produces pretty amazing shots!

Here is an example from a concert with Ukulele Legend, Jake Shimabukuro, this weekend:

Again, focus when there is a lot of movement is tough, and Jake moves non-stop! (Thank GOD! What a showman!!) I believe that a burst option would also be a great possibility for capturing a great concert photograph. I’ll try that very soon!

I find that the ‘burst’ option (just holding down your finger to take the photographs) while really great for action photography, also produces a beautiful lightning shot every once in a blue moon!

Keep playing around with those challenging night time and dark shots! I know I am going to!

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