The Story Behind the SnapShot: Stevie

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A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to a concert at my beloved Red Rocks Amphitheatre In Morrison, Colorado.

One of the beautiful things about Red Rocks is that you can hike or tailgate in a beautiful setting before any event you attend there. We chose a beautiful hike!

Then the concert.

Oh my… the concert.

It was the most peaceful loving crowd I have ever experienced at a concert in my entire life!

Stevie Wonder.

He exudes love and peace and happiness. His mere presence and the joy he brings through his sense of humor and his music, demonstrates all of the BEST qualities about being a human…. and it is contagious!

No one at that concert was mean.

No one was impatient

No one was in a hurry.

It seemed that we had all been affected by the gospel of life according to Stevie. Fantastic! A magical evening, to say the least…

And then another something amazing happened!

Stevie said that “the best thing about being in this business is knowing a few people who can sing. Here is one of them. Usher.”



I was beyond shocked and surprised! Just when I thought the evening couldn’t get any better, Stevie Wonder brings out Usher to sing,.. AND DANCE! …and boy can he dance!!!

We were treated to an amazing evening of entertainment by one of the greatest performers in MY lifetime! Stevie Wonder.

Stevie and Usher created memories for a lifetime. I will take that peace, happiness and kindness with me out into the world!

Turn on some Stevie today.

It will make you smile!

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