Many of you have read the story of Kadie, my beloved Scottish Terrier who had an amazing life, and a rough year battling cancer. She showed incredible courage and strength and taught me so much in her very inspiring 14 years!

The last thing I promised Kadie was that I would NEVER stop fighting for a cure, and I haven’t.

One way I can help in the fight against canine cancer is to take a walk with Kadie’s great niece, Sadie!


Yes! Just take a walk!

We use the app Walk for a Dog by Wooftrax. It is a free app that logs your walks and raises money for your choice of organization. Our choice is OneCure at Colorado State University, and they continue to get closer and closer to a cure and successful treatments for both animals and people who are facing a cancer diagnosis.

Today, Sadie and I took a beautiful walk along the Colorado Trail and also worked towards kicking Cancer’s Butt! A win…win!

I am keeping my promise!

What are you waiting for?

Start Walking for a Dog today!

Kadie and Sadie and I THANK YOU!!

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