Last week, my amazing husband celebrated a birthday! To say that Steve is one of the finest people I have ever encountered would be an understatement. He is so much more.

As his wife, I see and feel his love daily. We have a partnership that is based on not only love, but loyalty, acceptance, kindness, communication, laughter, teamwork and respect.

Photo by Grant Oakes Photography

As his friend, I witness the loyalty he has towards his lifelong relationships. I see how he steps up in a moment’s notice to help another. I feel the great amount of respect others have towards Steve, and I feel so blessed and grateful, really, to be his wife.

As an observer, I see the characteristics in Steve that I always strive to better in myself: loyalty, laughter, going with the flow, kindness, hard work, playful attitude, helpful to those less fortunate, supportive and respectful to those who are older, compassionate with animals, peaceful, resilient…the list goes on…

If you have someone like Steve in your life, take an extra moment today to let them know how you value them. Let them know they are loved. Let them know they matter, and tell them about those things you find inspirational about them.

What a blessing to be spending my life with the one person with whom I WANT to be with and learn from daily! My adventurous life is even better because I know Steve.

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