Sometimes, in life, things are going along just fine and you wonder, “Can it REALLY get any better than THIS?”


Yes it can!

Try spending an entire weekend with some of Colorado’s most inspirational athletes… the Special Olympians!

Last weekend, at the prestigious Air Force Academy in beautiful Colorado Springs, my husband and I set out on an exciting adventure… the State Special Olympics Tournament!

From the opening ceremonies to the medal ceremonies; from the triumphs, and the frustrations, I always leave a Special Olympics Event as a better person! A FAR better person.

I have volunteered for the Special Olympics for over 33 years. It never becomes redundant or boring. No one is ever upset or mean. The high fives and the encouraging words fly around like swarming bees. It is like having the most supportive, inspirational, loving family around you at all times! It is absolutely wonderful! The HIGH of a lifetime!

If you have never experienced the Special Olympics, I encourage you to volunteer, Coach, participate in a unified program… JUST DO IT!

You will be so glad you did!

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