It’s a very simple thing: see a flower, walk up and snap it’s photo. Easy peasy, and most times a gorgeous photo.


what happens when you use a macro lens on your iPhone to go in even closer? The whole world opens up to the delicate and even more beautiful and often hidden details of a flower.

I have experimented with many different macro lenses on my iPhone 10. I like my Moment lenses, but they are difficult to whip out on a moment’s notice and if there is a bit of a breeze, it is really difficult to capture a macro photo.

My favorite go-to macro lens is in an app called “Camera +2”. The cost is minimal and the result is phenomenal. It turns your own camera into a brilliant macro photography lens with no extra equipment. Additionally, it will store your photos into your own photo album, so there is no need to search all over for your forgotten shot.

Give macro photography a go! It is incredibly satisfying to wake up and watch the light and shadows play on the tiny parts of the world.


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