The Story Behind the Snapshot: Sadie’s Lake

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When you’re staying in a cozy, lakeside mountain cabin, far from the hustle and bustle of the city lights, you sometimes forget that that can prove to be a scary night, as well. Most especially scary if there is a thunderous lightning storm the night before.

That was the case for us one night this Summer. Pitch black, except for the full moon and the scattering of stars, we had no idea the night ahead for us.

It started just as a gentle rainstorm, drumming on the metal roof of our log cabin.

Within an hour, it was a spectacular lightning storm. With the windows open, we enjoyed listening to the sounds of nature as the storm progressed.

By morning, we had had the most peaceful night of sleep in months, and woke up to the view out our cabin door…. fog and snow!! The first snowfall of the season in Colorado!

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