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SoulCollage®️ Classes and Workshops and Get Togethers:

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About SoulCollage®️:

I have been very excited to use my iPhone photography in a new and exciting way.  I like to cut, and paste, and not really think much about anything while I am creating.

Voila, SoulCollage®!

This amazing little arts and crafts hobby that I discovered two years ago, is now an enormous part of my life!

Here’s how it works…in a nutshell:

You pick random images from magazines, books, (or photographs!), etc., that speak to you. Then you arrange them on a 5″ x 8″ mat board, glue them down and Ta Da! You have a SoulCollage® card!

It’s a little bit cut and paste, a lot of imagination and a ton of intuition! The fun really begins after you have created a new and “wonderfully you” card that takes you into a reflection or journaling activity that is all your’s!  With others, it is fun way to share that is super fun, extremely insightful and exciting!

I can not think of a better way to use the photography that I or my friends and family create, in a process that is so deeply rooted in who I am!


I have more to say about SoulCollage®!

I hope you’ll join me at some of my classes and workshops and get-togethers to find out more!

All events will be posted on this page, so bookmark me to stay tuned!

It’s about to get really exciting around here!

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